Our Mission

Clear Point Advisors Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor firm serving clients primarily in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida markets. We offer fee-only investment advisory services for large accounts, including high net worth individuals, retirement plans and trusts.

We use a diversified asset allocation approach:

  • We help define your long-term goals for your investment assets to develop an individualized asset allocation strategy. The plan balances your return objectives with your tolerance for investment risk.
  • We select investments from our listing of no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and where appropriate, individual securities. Investments are selected on the basis of risk-adjusted performance, low expense levels and other factors.
  • Portfolios can be tailored to meet special needs, such as “socially responsible investing.”
  • We monitor, evaluate and make needed changes to your investment portfolio over time.

Given our diverse range of professional credentials and experience in the fields of law, accounting and finance, we are able to serve as advisors and planners to our clients for a broad range of related personal financial issues, including retirement planning, education funding, estate planning and employment stock option strategies, among other inquiries.

As Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisors, we are “fiduciaries” who must put our client’s interests first. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation without charge or obligation. We would welcome the opportunity to explore the benefits of our program for your situation.