Planning For Retirement

Planning for retirement requires a broad-based, holistic approach.  Clear Point Advisors has developed a retirement plan analysis to help you set and achieve your important financial goals.  We start by getting to know your goals, objectives, and preferences.  We then compile an inventory of your current and future expected financial resources.  These personalized steps help us develop specific investment and other financial recommendations for your situation.   After we complete your analysis and present it to you, we are available to establish and manage your customized investment portfolio*.   We continue to monitor your progress in meeting your retirement goals.

A Retirement Needs Analysis can help answer the following questions:

  • What rates of return must your portfolio achieve to be likely to meet your retirement objectives?
  • Are you saving enough/spending too much relative to your asset base?
  • What effect could future medical expenses have on your retirement?
  • How much can I set aside for travel or other lifestyle goals?
  • How would planned expenses and inflation impact the assets that you have for your retirement?
  • What trade-offs might you need to make to meet your goals?

Please speak with a Clear Point advisor to discuss how a Retirement Needs Analysis may apply to your situation.

*Portfolio Management is a separate service for which a separate fee applies.